Kings College View

A slightly different view of Kings College this week. Taken from the top of Great St Marys church tower. I love looking across the city from there. You can see so many details you would never know were even there. The only issue (for someone like me how doesn't care for heights) is the very thin, very slippery steps you have to navigate to get up there (and down of curse).  I've documented my hatred of the physical act of getting up and down from the tower many times so I won't bore you with that again! 

The problem is, from the top you get what is probably the best view of the city. Yes, the nearby Grand Arcade car park is close in height but it seems to be surrounded by some of the cities least attractive looking building (sorry if you work or designed any of them!)

No, the best (public and legally available) view of the Cambridge cityscape is from the top of St Mary's church. I suppose I'll have to brace myself for another climb sometime soon...... 

Taken with a Canon 70D DSLR Camera and Sigma 18-250 Lens.

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