Kings College Cambridge Winter

kings college chapel in cambridge

Technically, technically I broke the law taken this photo. Kings College Is private land after all and normal a polite but firm tone from the College Warden makes it very clear that unless you want to pay the visitor admission fee you won't be coming in.

I'm a great believer that the Cambridge colleges should be more accessible - especially if there a photo to be taken and especially if it's me that wants to take it. Looking around I couldn't see any of the aforementioned wardens on patrol and so decided to make a break for it (a reverse break for freedom as it were) and headed up the pathway towards the college. My stopping point was kings College Bridge - scene of a many a "Classic View" of the College and Chapel and here I stood for well over an hour trying various shots, angles and different exposures. 

This weeks image was actually taken with my Iphone rather than my DSLR. I’m still going through the mountain of photos that came out of the Canon!

Taken with an Apple Iphone 7 Plus Smartphone

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