Kings College Crystal Ball

kings college crystal ball

One of the days when I wished I'd bought my tripod with me. I'll be honest, I don't use my tripod that often. Unless I'm taking shots of a sunrise or at night time I tend to stay hands free. Wandering around the streets of a busy city, trying to capture a moment in time..... Not really what a tripod lends itself to. For this image however, a tripod would have greatly helped.

For future reference, trying to hold a camera steadily in one hand while trying to balance a crystal ball in the other and focus on the subject matter is not an easy task. The image from a previous post - (taken on the same outing) took at least ten shots before I was happy with the outcome.

This weeks image was very much the same. Using as small piece of clear plastic I had in my camera bag (still not worked out what it was from), I was able to carefully balance the ball on the bridge – this at least gave me two free hands to be able to manipulate the camera. This also explains why the image is slightly strange shape. I had to employ a degree of cropping to the foot of the shot to remove the stand from view! I also played with the sharpness settings to bring the reflected image out a little bit more. 

I would love to hear about other peoples experiences using these glass balls to shoot through. So far mine have been, frustrating! I will persevere   however (and take a tripod next time!)

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