Kings College At Sunrise

The majesty of the sunrise again this week. Along with taking photos of bikes (not sure if i've mentioned that before!) my other passion is the sunrise and in particular that moment when the sky appears to turn to fire as the first rays of sunlight fill the sky as though someone has just lit a fire in the far distance. combine this moment wth the silhouettes of a city landscape or even a lone building (often even more dramatic) in the distance and you have an incredibly simple but highly dramatic image. I have tried this many times before and when done correctly it can create an amazing image.

This weeks image (as anyone from Cambridge will be able to tell) is off Kings College Chapel. This was taken on a very cold Autumn morning and was part of a planned shoot. I had passed the college several times the week before and has seen how perfectly the sunlight was silhouetting the building in front of it. The Chapel makes the perfect subject matter for this kind of image both because it is very recognisable but also because its towers and architectural details create such an interesting shape. 

As with my Bike Abstract image from a couple of weeks ago this was an image that took a lot of shots to get anything close to something that I was happy with. I arrived at the location (across the fields across from the back of the chapel - the classic Kings College view) well in in time of sunrise and positioned myself ready for the sun to break cover. This seemed to take much longer than I thought it would! In fact it was over twenty minutes before the specs of yellow light started to break cover behind the spires and towers. I could feel my hands beginning to get cold and ache as I held the camera in position (why didn't I take a tripod?!) and was actually relieved when the sun was high in the sky and I could put the camera down and rest my wrists! I still wasn't completely sure if I had anything usable.

Going through the images in Lightroom the next day I hopes were soon dashed. It had not been my best day of shooting. The images seemed to all have one of two issues. There were either well composed but the light didn't work or the light was good but the buildings just didn't look right. I was extremely disappointed. After playing around with a couple of them in Lightroom I managed to "rescue" the one above. It took a fair bit of altering the colour and highlight settings to get there!

Taken with a Canon70D with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / F11 / Iso 100