Late Summer Sunrise

coffee cups

Autumn and eventually winter will be upon us and for me that means the return of the amazing Cambridgeshire sunrises and sunsets. The flat landscape and lack of hills or mountains of any significance help to create a perfectly flat and often uninhibited horizon line. This allows the sky to be filled in every corner with the most amazing palette of fire-like colours. Its the most amazing vista…… And always seems to occur when I’m driving and can’t pull over!

This weeks image was exactly the same. I had to pull over and angle my phone through the back window of the car to try and get a shot of the late summer sunrise. The outcome was not exactly what I wanted but I think its still quite striking!

This weeks blog entry is also to let my readers know that as from this week, my blog entries will be every 2-3 weeks rather than weekly. I want to thank everyone who reads my blog but work commitments have meant that trying to add new content each week is getting more or a chore than enjoyment. Please continue to check out my site and follow my @photowarrington twitter account and Cambridgebyphoto Facebook page for updates and new blog entry notifications. Don’t forget Instagram as well - link is below.

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