Light Through The Branches

Taken on the same cold morning as one of my previous images, Peach Melba sunrise this was taken a few miles from Cambridge, technically not in Cambridge but still in Cambridgeshire. The photo was taken at the end of a long and ultimately fruitless morning taking photos (or trying to) in the city centre. Nothing had come together and after a very strong expresso I headed home via some of the country lanes leading to the village where I live.

It was a February morning and the sun was just beginning to shine through the very thick morning cloud. It was like a firebrand coming through the cotton wool sky; bathing the whole vista in a peach coloured glow, a bright orange eye in the centre. I parked up and had just taken the sequence of images that would usher up the Peach Melba Sunrise shot. I was just about to put the camera away for the final time when I notice the bush next to me. I was like some chaos theory calculation. A mass of twisted and intertwined branches and twigs. By itself it was an interesting shape - perhaps worth a shot. The whole bush was suddenly bathed in bright sunlight and the whole image changed. The branches become a perfect silhouette; backlit by the sunrise. I love how well the contrast of the dark twigs and the bright light works. It almost reminds me of something from a science fiction film. The alien craft coming through the clouds!

I have changed absolutely nothing with the image at all. What you see is came off the memory card! 

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Taken with a Canon70d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso500 / F8