Cambridge Market From Above

Another view of Cambridge market this week.....  A little bit higher and a different perspective of the city. This is taken from the very top of St Mary's church, which overlooks the market place - its tower providing amazing and far reaching views of the city from the top. It is a location I have planned to visit for almost a couple of years. I've seen many photographs taken from the top of the city and knew I some point I would have to brave the climb (and decent) to the tower. 

I should point out right now that I am not a fan of heights. Actually the height bit is fine, its the fear of falling that scares me! Either way I decided just before Christmas to take a deep breath and climb the 123 (I counted) steps up to to the roof of the tower. The going up was actually ok - the decent was a lot worse (a constant unfounded fear I was going to slip for some reason!) Once at the top however the climb is soon forgotten. The top of the tower is completely open and gives the climber the reward of complete 360 degree views of the city and miles into the distance and countryside. The top of Kings college Chapel suddenly feels in touching distance and you're suddenly able to see inside courtyards and and begins walls you never knew were there. 

From up there Cambridge looks a relatively small city. The countryside and rolling Cambridgeshire hills (small hills it must be said) seem very close. 

The crowing glory of the view for me however (and the reason for going up there in the first place) was to see the Market place. There is no better view. Below you Cambridge goes about its business. The market stalls lined up in rows of brightly coloured stripes and the shops and buildings like some massive village.I found the mesmerising and stayed up there for well over an hour. People came and went but I was transfixed by the view - to see the city and roads I had walked around so many times from such a different viewpoint was amazing.

Back to this weeks image (and i'm sure it won't be the last from this photoshoot). This was taken looking through one of the open viewpoints on the tower. I liked how the stone creates the perfect picture frame around the image. I also applied a monochrome filter to the stone to further emphasise the shear colour and vibrance of the market and its stalls.

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Taken with a Canon70D with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM