Midday Cambridge Skies

Sometimes you spend hours setting up a shot, waiting for the exact moment when the conditions are optimum for the perfect photography...... Sometimes however you just happen to be in the right place at the right time - with a smartphone in hand and capture that moment. No planning, no expectation. This is one of those pictures. 

When I started this blog I was only intending to use photos that I had taken with my "actual" camera; those photos taken with my iPhone would not be good enough for the published world. I learn of course that this was completely wrong. Very often that image will present itself just at the moment when your camera, with all its wonderful features and filters and lenses are safely packed away at home. Several years ago in those situations you would have probably sworn and then spent the rest of the day wising and wondering what an amazing photo you could have created.

The Cambridge cityscape; taken at lunchtime while driving through the city - well queuing in traffic actually - Alongside a large expanse of park land in the middle of the centre called Parkers Piece. As I sat in the traffic I noticed the low midday sunlight which threw a massive shadow across the open space and creating a fantastic silhouette of the buildings along one side. This was one of those "lack of camera" moments. I pulled over snd parked up (I think its illegal to take a picture while driving) and took several shots with my iPhone. I chose this image in particular because of how the trees on both sides of the image helped to frame the shot.

I love taking photos of the sky - some I'm sure would agree and others would say its just sky! I love the changing colours and the shear expanse of open space in front of you - whether it be sunset or sunrise or the middle of the day, there is always something different to look at. 

With the exception of increasing the blue sautation in the Lightroom the image is unchanged. 

Taken with an iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone