Morning Patrol

wardens at cambridge university

Some more street photography this week and an image taken on a foggy early morning just after new year celebrations were over. It was my final day of the Christmas holidays and rather than remain slumped on the sofa, wishing I'd not eaten so much over the past few days, I thought it was time to get out, get some fresh air before the shock of the early morning alarm and the thought of work the next day.

I headed into Cambridge at less than silly o'clock with most of the city still asleep and a thin veil of mist or fog depending on your viewpoint filling the air, I wondered around for a while and captured a few images (some I'm sure i've included before but for the life of me cannot remember) and was heading back to the car (as my fingers were beginning to freeze) when I caught sight of the two university wardens making their way across the courtyard of "a" university. At this point I must apologise and throw a question out to group - "does anyone know what university this is?" for the life of me I just cannot remember! 

The two wardens (is that the correct name for them?) were making their way across the courtyard and then stood talking for several moments. I ended up taking almost twenty shots of the pair and the settled on the one above for my "chosen shot."