Morning Starbucks

a starbucks coffee cup in cambridge

Two passions of mine in the same image. Cambridge and Starbucks - well coffee to be exact. I couldn't function during the day if I didn't have my morning potion of Java orally injected into me. I have always loved coffee - whether it be a basic and quick mug of instant, or a strong black expresso or a milky latte I don't care. I'll say right now, I know I have far too much coffee. As I write this entry now, at something approaching midnight I have a mug of milky coffee next to me. Will it affect me sleeping tonight? Absolutely not. I wouldn't say I'm addicted to coffee, I just really, really, really like drinking it,. 

This weeks image does contain some very shameful advertising and one of my favourite brands. Starbucks. There aren't many day when one of the instantly familiar cups will not adorn the cupholder in my car. Be a small flat white or a large skinny latte (my general coffee of choice) I love a Starbucks. Some will turn their noises up at the familiar green and white logo; seeing them as corporate and homogenised, weak coffee that all tastes the same and costs a fortune. I agree that a large amount of my ban balance is spent lining Starbucks pockets but for me the coffee tastes great, you always know what you're going to get..... And the cups fit my cars cupholder perfectly : - ) !  I should also point out that I do love other brands of coffee! In the city in particular I must give a shout out to the Hot Numbers coffee shop - superb variety of coffee and great taste!

Back to the image and this particular shot was taken after a morning photoshoot around the city. I'd finished my shoot and grabbed the obligatory coffee on the way back to my car. These were the last shots of the day. A few quickly taken views with my coffee cup balanced on the roof my car as I tried to play with the reflections in the metal. The image is exactly how it came out of the camera with no post processing applied.

Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso100 / F8