Newmarket Gallops

Two new things this week. A slightly further trip away from Cambridge and a new photographic device in use. First the location. The small town of Newmarket is around ten miles from Cambridge and is best known for being the Horse Racing Capital of the country - maybe the world. It is also famous for the birthplace of, well me!  

Newmarket is also where I work and the location in question is on my daily commute. Warren Hill is on the edge of the town and as well as given amazing views of the surrounding area also acts as the proving ground for every potential race horse that has ever set foot (all four feet) into the town. 

My new photographic device? It's October and that can only mean one thing. A new version of the Apple iPhone. A yearly autumn ritual and an expensive one at that. I'd had an Apple phone since the second model (the 3GS) was released back in 2009 and haven't looked back since. I've come close a few times to leaving the Apple world and heading to the so called enemy (Android) but could never quite leave the grips of the Cupertino giant. 

The 2016 incarnation the iPhone 7 and the (bigger) iPhone 7 plus (my chosen option) would best be described as an incremental upgrade. From the outside, it looks almost exactly the same but I'm not here today to write a full review of the iPhone - there are more than enough other pages you can read about that. All I will say is I love it (I always do). I particularly love the new dual camera. As well as having a normal 12mp camera and a very good at that, the phone also has a second camera unit which is purely for zoom shots. The colour "gamut" (the way colours are displayed on the screen) has also been improved. Overall, I'm sure there is no better camera phone right now.

This weeks image was the first proper photo I had taken with the device. The morning after setting the phone up, the early autumn mist was everywhere; casting a smokey layer over everything it touched. As I parked up on Warren Hill to answer some emails I noticed the row of horses riding past - almost appearing out of the mist like some kind of eerie silhouette. With the sun just beginning to show itself through the clouds and the mist still making its presence felt the whole location had an almost mystical feel to it. The image shown is exactly what came out of the lens.

Taken with an iPhone 7 Plus Smartphone.