North Pole Cambridge

A return to Christmas this week (only a few day to go until it;s here again) - I'm sure we'll start to see Christmas decorations in the shops again! This will (most likely) be the last Christmas themed image I post (probably). Anyway, it's not too festive. This week's image is one of my Worms-Eye-View images - putting the camera on the ground and tilting the lens slightly upwards to create a low to the ground, almost tunnel effect. The world looks very different from that low down!

This weeks image is of the compound as I called it for the North Pole Ice Skating rink which took pride of place in the area of grassland called Parkers Piece during the festive period. The "North Pole" encompassed the skating rink, a handful of fairground rides and a massive big wheel (see Christmas Big Wheel from a few weeks ago). The whole Pop-up amusement park was surrounded by a high, wooden security fence which made it feel like a construction site during the day (the fairground lights and strobe effects of the evening reminding you of the amusement nature of the contents. 

I took several images of this service entrance into the back of the compound with only two of them actually ending up being level. I then choose between the two, opting for this one as the pathway was more centred. I chose the monochrome filter to try and draw out the detail of shot and in particular the paving stones of the pathway. 

Taken with a Canon70D with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM