Opera On The Cam

It's amazing what you see on the River Cam during the summer months. During the winter you might see the occasional punt and a lot of ducks and seagulls (see a future blog entry!) During those long and lazy days of summer however you can expect to see almost anything. Most of these moments involve punts and this weeks image is no exception.

This image was taken on my famous (in my own mind anyway) afternoon spent on the Garret Hostel bridge, watching the world drift by. I saw everything that day, tourists, kids, hen parties, stag parties, birthday parties, couples, groups, said kayakers, canoes, even a hand full of swimmers. All things you'd expect to see on a city river.

This week's image, however, is something you wouldn't expect to see. An opera singer in full song! 

 Taken with a Canon 70D with a Sigma 18-250 lens