Parkers Piece Early Morning

Keeping the monochrome theme this week but moving a few streets across the city to the edge of Parkers Piece. This was taken on a cold morning early this year. One of those winters mornings when you'd wished you'd looked harder for those gloves and hat! By the time this photo was taken my hands had almost frozen to the camera.

The morning in question was just a couple of days after the big wheel and ice rink had been taken down (see my prevous entries for images of both). Now, with everything gone and the only evidence a large patch of slightly muddy grass, the park was returned to its more peaceful state.

This image was taken in the far corner of the park, on the corner of Parkside and Park terrace - the concrete homage to the sixites in the background of the Queen Anne car park. I was drawn to the image initially by the bikes in the foreground - in fact the image was supposed to be just of them. When viewing it on my MacBook (my aging MacBook which needs replacing - Wife, if you're reading, birthday soon....?) the image needed the background to give it some depth.

Taken with a Canon 70D with a Sigma 18-250 lens