Market Over Post Box


I actually posted this weeks image recently on social media to see what kind of response it would get prior to adding it to my online print store. Most of the comments were positive although one comment was slightly more to the point, "It's a rusty letterbox!'" They weren't wrong - it is a rusty letterbox. To be honest I'm not sure if they were being critical or literal! 

This weeks image (taken while somewhat suspiciously positioned behind a postbox on the edge of the marketplace) is one that I've tried several times before but never really liked the finished article. Each time the foreground (the postbox) and the background (the stripes of the market stalls) never seemed to gel properly. I wanted to get a smooth balance between the two elements rather than have one of them stand out too much. 

After playing about with this and couple of other images from a recent shoot I changed my mind! I like the gnarled and tatty detail of the postbox; the rust and the peeling paint. From that moment the brightly coloured stripes and buildings behind took on a secondary importance. I even went as far as to reduce the contrast and colour balance of the background in post-production to make them ever so slightly more indistinct.

Taken with a Canon 70D DSLR Camera and Sigma 18-250 Lens.

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