Punting Fun

Cambridge isn't just about historical buildings, sweeping spires and a seat of learning - it's also about people. Whether it be the hordes of students who wind their way from lecture to lecture during the day and dare I say from pub to pub during the night or the locals who often feel their city has been taken over by those who "haven't lived here for fifty years;" or could it be the tourists, the visitors to the city - drawn to it like a moth to a flame because of its history and beautiful views. Either way, the cities streets are nearly always full to bursting with people from all works of life, all with their own reason for being there. 

This weeks image celebrates the (often derided) tourist. Those hordes of people who seem to rule the pavements and roads during the summer months. Without them, however, Cambridge would be a very different place. The River Cam is always a draw for them and hundreds, maybe thousands will spend many an hour on the water in a punt, making their way up and down the busiest part of the river. This weeks image (along with several I've done) celebrates this. 

I could literally spend hours standing on one of the many bridges over looking the Cam and just watch the people as they float past underneath me. Some look happy, as though they might actually be enjoying themselves while others seem to count the seconds before they can step back onto dry land and carry on with their day. For me, this image typifies this. The three at the front of the punt seemed slightly bored while the other three facing the other way seem to be loving the experience!

Taken with a Canon70D with a Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS / Iso 250 /  F7.1