Senate House Light

One of the many reasons why I love being out and about in Cambridge early in the morning is the sunlight (and no tourists trying to take photos with their iPad without watching where they going - sorry tourists!) Anyway; that moment just before the sun has risen and the city is still dark and lifeless. Then the sun begins to rise from behind the buildings and drenches the surrounding area in warmth and light - everything starts to feel better; safer, happier. I challenge anyone not be motivated or lifted by the sight of the sun appearing from over a building or far away on the horizon. It feels like the whole world is lit up as the land and everything on it is engulfed in light.

The location above, part of the the Senate house, located along the bustling Kings Parade (home to Kings College and more tourist orientated shops than one person needs in a day) was formally used for meetings of the Council of the Senate. Now it is mainly used  for degree ceremonies - during this time, the grass to the left of the image full to busting with expectant parents, family and students - all waiting for their name to be called forward for their ceremonial prize giving. 

I have walked past this archway many times and hardly noticed it. On this particular morning the sunlight seemed to be literally forcing its way through the stonework. The bright sunlight illuminating the cold and grey stone walls like flames in a furnace. I spent several moments trying to line the shot up to try and be as central to the opening as possible. I also had to wait for several people to walk across the shot! Luckily by the time they had gone the sunlight was still present. 

The only processing work I carried out on the image was to remove a small amount of artefacts from the rear of the image. 

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Taken with a Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso100 / F14