Snow On The Map

Cities have such a different feel early in the morning. Whether it be a brand new summer morning with the sunlight coming up from behind the building silhouettes or a cold and misty winters morning when everywhere looks frosty and murky. I've taken many photographs in both type of conditions and enjoyed both. I love frost and how it glistens on every surface and edge that it touches. 

This weeks images typifies just that. The hand of frost across the city of Cambridge. Almost literally in fact! If you peer closely at the shapes and lines in the photographs you can just about make out what could be streets or buildings and you wouldn't be wrong. Hidden below the frost is a brass sculpture / map of the city. Mounted on a plinth this is located on a pathway just behind queens college. There is another (slightly more three dimension) example located by St Mary's Church in the centre but this one always seems to get overlooked. For that reason (and somewhat of a first) I've decided to include a map to show where it is (the wonders of Google!)

If you look carefully, just in the middle of the image where the two paths come together you can see a small circle. Next time you pass by take a moment to check it out. In the meantime however here's another image taken from the same morning.

Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso100 / F7.1