The Glass Ceiling

The great glass ceiling. The window up to the sky which protects busy Cambridge shoppers from sun and rain and any other climatic elements. The sun can be streaming through or the rain can be lashing against the glass like small rocks from no where. This is the ceiling of the aptly named Grand Arcade in the centre of the city. The flagship shopping area of Cambridge, the Grand Arcade was opened in March 2008 as a replacement for the aging Lion Yard shopping precinct. It was built (at tremendous cost) to be the cities and the regions premier shopping area - attracting such brands as Apple, John Lewis (famous British department store), Ted Baker, Hollister and Levis.

The Apple shop alone acts as magnet for shoppers and tech fans alike and once a year, normally around late September you see long queues down the mail as expectant and excited Apple'isters wait patiently (not always patiently) to get their hands on the new iPhone (myself included). 

For a different view of the mail (albeit the other end of the centre) - check out an earlier blog entry of mine "Arcade"

So why did I take this picture? I love angles and symmetries. Rows of lines and interesting patterns from building lines. I've always loved this roof and the perfect lines and grid formation that seems to go on forever.

Taken with a Canon70D with a Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS / Iso 250 /  F6.3