The Morning After

Cambridge is known for its partying. As a University city it has its ever changing supply of students all looking for a good night out. Cambridge University students don't tend to party like other locations. As a rule you don't tend to find Cambridge students lying passed out across a traffic cone or having fights and brawls in the middle of the street. I'm sure the above does happen but as a rule the typical Cambridge University student is seen as slightly more "picky" with their nights out. Try swapping your litre bottles of cheap cider for a bottle of Champagne (other sparkling wines are available), or the average cold and empty car park for one of the lush University gardens and a glass of Pims. 

Each year the Universities celebrate the end of their year with the annual May balls. For a couple of weeks during June the streets of Cambridge become full of students dressed in their finery. A massive end of year blow out. The ultimate let your hair down moment. After months and months of late nights and early mornings spent pouring over revision guides and notebooks - now, finally the students can let their hair down and shed all the pressure from their shoulders.. And they do. We see the photos in the morning papers every year -  the Cambridge students making their way home (or for an early morning bacon roll), winding their way through the still empty streets of the city. Normally walking in 2's and '3s - mainly to allow one to hold up the other. The city tend to be left with various trinkets from the night before.

This weeks image was of those trinkets; perhaps the classic item to epitomise the student night out in Cambridge. The bottle of Champagne. This was discovered abandoned on the end of the river next to one of the main punting "car parks."  Most likely the contents had been drunk while enjoying a night on the river - in fact several of the punts you can see in the background were full of empty wine bottles and plastic glasses.

Another first for the blog this week. Image stitching. As is often the case I couldn't decide on whether to submit the colour or the monochrome version of the image. I need to be more deicsive with my photo choices (probably). For the moment however I'll just go on showing both!

 Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso200 / F7.1