Three Cambridge Cyclists

Three Cambridge Cyclists

This week’s image is my attempt at Pop Art. My nod to Andy Warhol. Its is also my chance to get back into using Photoshop. If I’m honest I don’t often use Adobes heavyweight photo editing package that much – choosing to stay more within the confines of Lightroom for any subtle editing or colour changes required. For this image however (and the Print Store group “Cambridge Collages”). I wanted to create a poster style piece of artwork using multiple version of the same basic image but with different colours and filter variants.

I chose this image of a cyclist on Kings Parade as it fits well into the “banner style” layout of the image pattern and then used Photoshop to create three versions as a single poster image - playing with the filter and colour options to create three contrasting versions.

This image is available to purchase via the link below. As with all of my work, if you would prefer the image in a different colour or even a different layouit please contact me and I can put some options together.

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