Through The Bridge

The Millpond in Cambridge: A place to catch a quick punt or a quick pint or a meal, meet friends or just watch the world go by. On a sunny day or a summer's night the place is full of people - some standing, some vying for a seat on the edge of the bridge or the walls. Jugs of Pimms are often the order of the day, along with the occasional ice cream seller and others who have bought their own food from somewhere else in the city (pizza anyone?) Pubgoers in the The Mill (the building in the centre of the image) will often spill out onto the street and (politely) mingle with the picnickers who tend to inhabit the open grass area to the right of the image. It really is an idyllic view - A classic slice of English summer time. 

There were a lot fewer people in the area when I took this shot. On the early November morning the area was all but deserted, save for a couple of punt maintainers (I'm sure they've got  a different name to that) who were corralling several of their charges together. There was a small flurry of mist on the surface of the River Cam and the area was almost eerie in its emptiness. 

I've taken many images of the Millpond in summer time and I'm sure these will appear in the future. Today however, as I type with the Winter temperatures a barmy three degrees outside, I wanted an image that conveyed the warmth (or lack of it) on the day! 

I love to try new things with my photographs: a new angle or view or something slightly different. This image comes under that category. The thick stone columns of the bridge I was standing on created a superb frame for the image. I tried both options of focusing on either the column or the background and settled on the columns being in focus. The background has enough detail in it to be slightly blurred.

Taken with a Canon70D with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / F6.3 / Iso 200