Trainers On Ledge

Have you ever read the 'Where's Wally' books? You know the ones where you get a page with hundreds of people in a scene and hidden somewhere among them is a man in a stripped jumper called Wally (the man is called Wally not the jumper). The current trend is apparently now to try and find a hidden panda rather than Wally (anyone in the UK who reads the Daily Mail newspaper will probably know what I mean) - anyone else; try Googling 'Wheres the panda.' 

So where am I going with this? What has Where's Wally got to do with an image of a stone building? Don't worry you haven't got to try and find a jumpered youth this time. There is however a slightly unexpected feature to look out for. I must admit that this was not at all planned. I originally opted to include this image last week purely as an example of the historical architecture and ostentatous nature of some of the university buildings in the city. This building as a point of reference is one corner of Gonville & Caius College; located right in the heart of the city, only a stones throw from Kings College. A nice building, nothing particularly exciting about it. A lovely example of some of the amazing stonework that the city of Cambridge has to offer.

it was only when I was processing the image in Lightroom that I noticed something slightly unexpected in the image. Part of me was considering not saying what it way - in fact many of you have probably noticed the items (2 of them in fact) in question. I'll give you a clue, they come in pairs..... Have a look closely at the window to the right of the image and you just might notice it. A pair of bright green shows sitting on the windowsill! If anyone out there knows how they got there please let me know! 

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Canon600d with a EF50mm f/1.4 USM / iso100 / F6.3