Vintage Bikes

There is more to Cambridge than bikes I promise! There are punts and historical buildings and interesting people and amazing green spaces and so many other things to see. This week however it's bikes. I've said it a thousand times but Cambridge just seems to be filled with the things. Wherever you go in the city centre you only need to walk for a few minutes before either being passed by one or walking past a row of them chained up. Sometimes these are carefully arrange in order and other times, as in the this weeks image they appear to have been simply discarded! 

This image was taken on the road which separates Queens college from its academic next door neighbour, St Catherine's College. Queens Lane as it is known doesn't actually go anywhere - except to an underground carpark and service road. It is a location I often find myself parked on. My Wife works in St Catherine's college and Queens Lane is a staple location as a collection point when she finishes work - as long as you avoid the occasional traffic warden! As you turn into  Queens Lane on the left hand side the pavement is stepped back against the a uneven rick walls of the college. The lip it creates provides the perfect raised platform to house bikes. The selection varies from day to day. Sometimes expensive looking models find themselves chained up, carefully and precisely while on other days it looks like the place where bikes go to die. I swear once morning when I drove past there were literally just a handful of bike wheels lying there - I never found out what happened to the rest of the bike!

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Taken with a Canon70D with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / F6.3 / Iso 100