Vintage River Cam

A vintage feel to the image this week. At first glance this image could have been taken many years ago - a bygone era. Its only when you look closer and notice the TV aerials on top of the pub to the left you realise it might be 20th rather than 19th century!

The Cam is such an important aspect of the city. Cutting it in half and providing such a draw to inhabitants and visitors alike. Whether the middle of the day or the middle of the night there is always something going on. This image was taken from the cycle bridge overlooking the Fort George pub (to the left of the shot). Behind that is Midsummer Common; one of the many green spaces in the city and the location of fairs, circuses and shows throughout the year - something for another time though. Back to the Cam. This area of the river is best known for rowing; university and college rowing to be precise....

Punts may take the lions share of the space on the River Cam but head out early in the morning and you will see a different type of boat making its along along its lengths. Rowing is big in Cambridge. Each year see's the various Accdemic institutions fighting it out on the water to take the accolade of Rowing Best. To the right of the image you can just see the start of the Rowing club-houses. Each college and university has their own Rowing headquarters and they fill the riverbank for the next few hundred metres. More on these in a future post.

Back to the image - I was standing on the bridge for several minutes watching the rowers in the centre of the shot. They appeared to be trying to attempt what could only be described as a 10 point turn across the Cam. Backwards and forwards across the width of the river - each time you thought they might just make it. Now i've tried rowing once and can completely understand how hard these things are to manoeuvre but they did look to have a lot of space to play with!

I didn't change a great deal with the image except for applying a monochrome filter in Lightroom and a slight softening effect as well. I also played around with a colourful HDR version of the image. I will probably save that for another day....

Taken with a Canon600d with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM / iso400 / F18