Into The Morning

I love working in black and white. In the right situations it can create a completely different feel to a photograph, a completely different mood and atmosphere. It can also transform a sometimes unexciting photo into something much more dramatic. This partiucular image was taken on one of my many early morning walks around Cambridge. I have taken a lot of photographs on this pathway. I love how the tarmac pushes on into the distance and then disappears around the corner without warning - creating a great sense of perspective that really draws you in.

Normally the path is full of people heading in and out of the city but on this particular morning I managed to catch this lone figure heading into the distance. I like the simplicity to it, and the sense of quiet  I always feel when I look at it. I always wonder what the person is thinking about, where is he going?

With the exception of the black and white conversion in Lightroom, the photograph was completely unaltered. 

As a final note - the image has a personal love for me as it was the first photo I ever sold!

Taken with a Canon600d with a Canon EF-S 18-200mm lens / iso400 / F14