Wide Angle Sculpture

I always seem to be drawn back to this sculpture (near the market place just in front of Great St Marys Church for the uninitiated). This is the third I think blog entry about it and I'm sure it would be the last. When I was young I used to love model railways and especially model villages. Being able to walk like a giant through these mini worlds and look down through the streets, I found a fascinated experience. Maybe thats why I love this sculpture so much - the fact you can peer down through the streets of the city.

Anyway, back to the image and bit more about the technical aspects of the shot. In the past when I've taken photos of the Braille Map (to give it its proper name)  I was limited by the focus width of the lens I was using - in simple terms I literally couldn't get the whole thing in!

This weeks image is the first using my newest addition to my collection of camera kit. The Canon EF-S 10-18mm Wide Angle Lens . Suddenly I can see the whole world through the view finder. I likened it watching a film when you were young on the old square box TV's and then many years later being shown the original widescreen version and realising yo'd been missing half the view! Whereas in the past in order to get all of a building or view (or Braille Sculpture) in shot i'd have to move so far back the impact was completely lost. With this lens however I can get everything in vision and still remain close to the subject matter.  I'm looking forward to this out around the city over the coming weeks. 

For this weeks image I also added some extra touches via Lightroom to help bring out the shapes and detail of the sulpture. I applied an HDR filter which I slighly toned down after and played with the contract and saturation settings, again to bring out the texture of the bronze. Finally I cropped the image by a small amount, top and bottom to remove some unwanted background detail.

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