Winter Flowers

The first flowers of the year and my first flower image. Not that much to say about the image this week. I recently spent the morning at a location that regular readers will know is a favourite of mine - Anglesey Abbey House and Gardens (shameless plug). I had the morning off and decided to spend a couple of hours wandering the grounds and taking some shots of the winter sunlight coming through the trees.

It was evident after a few minutes that I had chosen the one day of that week when the clouds had decided to descend over the Abbey and foil any chance of those Golden Hour shots that I love so much. In fact on that day, everything was fairly flat and lifeless. I wondered around for a while and was about to give up and head for the tea shop (recommend the marmalade cake) when I came across a small path of colour hidden among all the green and grey - a small tree adorned with a deep purple (not the rock group) and pink berries. For a brief moment, the sun even forced its way from behind the clouds to give the tree and the berries a sheen.

Taken with a Canon70D with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM