Winter Phone-boxes

Ok, I know I said no more pictures of the recent snow in Cambridge. I'm pretty sure this will be the last one. Ironically, as I write this weeks entry the snow is beginning to fall outside and the green if the grass across the road from where I live is beginning to lose its colour as the snowflakes refuse to disappear from the wet ground. 

This weeks image doesn't need a great deal of explanation. It's a row of phone boxes (the same row, located in Cambridge marketplace that has adorned the pages of this blog several times before) this time however with two main differences. One, there has now appeared a metal post directly in front of them (thank you Cambridge Council) and two, the frantic blur of the snow falling around them. I carried a little open-monochrome surgery to the background and also increased the situation levels the red and orange that give the Red-Phoneboxes their name. 

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