Winters Morning

cambridge silhouette

My Wife doesn't like this image (a statement I've made before). She hasn't seen it yet, but I know she won't. Although a long term supporter of my photography and blog she knows what she likes and perhaps more importantly — what she doesn't. She doesn't always go as far as saying" that's rubbish" - more a quieter and less committal "that's nice." Now to some people' this might sound like a compliment but having been with my other half for many years I know what this really means! As a footnote to the above; Beverley If you are reading this; I always appreciate your constructive input! (Covered myself there!)

Typically there are two types of images which do not float her boat....

1) An image with a single item left in colour while the rest of the image is in monochrome. 

2) Anything involving a silhouette and a large expanse of sky.

As you can see this week's image does rather fit the second category pretty perfectly.... Everyone is of course entitled to their views and thoughts and I'm sure there are a lot of people who will agree with her (hopefully not too many!) 

The image was taken at the same time as another blog entry - Christmas Big Wheel. The light on that morning a couple of pre-Christmas weeks ago was incredible as are the colours in both images; those wonderful deep browns and bronzes are almost untouched from what the camera originally committed to memory card.

Taken with a Canon70D with a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM